I was dancing on the street with my friend, It was her idea which she develop until now. We made it for money but it was a kind of performance. She knew what she will do but i was not. I was watching her and dancing as i could. I made my instructions knowing that someone will feel confused. Pure information was about changing the shoes left on right. The steps were a bit impossible but i give an invention to person. It is not easy to feel good when you are uncomfortable because of changing the shoes.
I wanted this inconvenience because i know that it will be not the audience that produce such a feelings.
I thing that Joana was not sure what she have to do, She really try to do it very well analyzing every steeps.
It is normal that we are do the things because of some reason not feeling really good.

Joana gave me an instruction to make a drawing, It was really nice to do and observe what was happen with a paper every day. I made it more than one week.
The sun and raining during this time make paper wavy and yellow,
Wind change the place of paper and finally i found the paper upside down. I used lemons to keep  the paper on place but it was not work the best.
I decide to keep it for longer, maybe it will surprise me more.