Katarzyna Harciarek

For first performance I choose verb stroke. To recognize "structure" of it I spend moments stroking my friend Marta, she deep breating we made it togother to support each other. It was kind of "warm up" the death body because her position referred to the position of death or more to the position in grave. After that I tried to transfer this special movements on paper by black ink. I stroked her hands and legs thats why on my drawing I focused on this two part of body. I puted ink on my hands and I transfered stroking on paper. At a certain moment I started to rub the paper a bit harder to "warm up". 

Second performance I connected two action: drive down the stairs which establish to cleaning the stairs, and the sencond action was enjoying the moments. It was hard to enjoyed because bent structure of stairs prevents pleasure of fun. I reapiting drive down few times to clean surface as precisely as I could. The longer repeat an action the harder it was to feel the fun. 

Third exercise establish to the second one to conected this action with drawing. I put sheet of paper under my body to repeat the previous action. I drived down few times to transmit motion and to collect dirt on paper. Paper prevented smooth driving down  as experienced in the previous exercise. The paper took very interesting structure of driving down It was as well a bit of dirt but for suer not so much how it was before attempting to performance.