Marta Belkot

I choose the word breath. First of all I tried took deep breath lying on the table.
I understood this exercise that I have to replying, repeat this operation on the paper.
Me and my friend Kasia made it together. We wanted to connect this activity. It was for us no matter which action take each of us. 
One have to lying and breathing and another stroking. We made it before we took paper and repeated it with ink. Kasia made the same movements like during stroking, showing the part of body she touch. I try to breath and blow with ink and weather on the paper.
For me it was really interesting because I never made performance in group.

I had some difficulties to understood this exercise. So it was hard to start doing something. I tried connecting two actions like fun and cleaning. I drive down on handrail and my friend Kasia the same on stairs. We repeated activity from childhood, but with consciousness that we are cleaning in the same time this area with our cloths. When i was a child i did not care about it but now i know that i devastate my cloth. By the way is not save to make fun on handrail so now i made it slower that i use to do it long time a go.

I tried repeated the same action like in ex. 2 but with paper under my body, so I was driving down on handrail with paper. The drawing is more from crushing sheet of paper then from dust because before i took almost everything on my cloths. I made it few times from up till down. My friend Kasia made the same with stairs.