Marta Bełkot_Trabalho Final

    I always was under strong influence of the migration topic. I explored it even more during my stay in Porto. I focused on two stories which inspired me to work. One of theme was about my uncle, and his struggle during second world war and then, as a consequence, his life abroad. His stories opened my mind for some questions which I was willing to ask people. I started to work on drawings, kind of expressive portraits of my imagination. I asked people a question in Portuguese and Polish about participation in war of their Uncles Fathers and Grandfather but also theirs. Sort of unpredictable confrontation with audience. During the time when I was working on it I started to do some different drawings as well, it was like a sequence which was beyond my conscious control. I quoted a Polish song about passing time, and a question not related to war. I decided that I will make other series in Polish and English during the time I am here not necessarily connected with topic of war.
    Going back from what I have already done, I placed in a public space 8 pieces of paper, original works, exactly the one I made, not copies. Sharing with people my belief that ''art'' is for everyone, not only for elites. I think that these step is a very important for my future work. These classes opened my mind for activities and gave me better understanding of the performance idea. I appreciate that I have these opportunity of being here for a few months and seeing totally different and interesting way of knowledge transmission.
    Throughout the history of a human kind we deal with a common belief that "the past" was better. This is called the mystification of a past. It is natural mechanism of our brains. We may consider it as illusive, because image of the past is not full. Our brains makes us forget many unpleasant facts from the past. But yet there must be some truth in this diluted image, at least for me. Past was somehow better. Nowadays we tend to focus only on careers and money.
War is a symbol of unexpected events and troubles in life but this unpredictability even if most of us are not facing the war literally, we are scared of future as well. Media try to feed us with their stories of a crisis. People are taking a part in a rat race chasing after money like their were only sense of our existence.
This sick competition is a symbol of our times, and in general consequence of globalism but is being blown up media. The same media idealize life of upper classes, rich people lifestyle making many of us struggle to reach it no matter of consequences.

    I passed these pieces of paper and confronted with some kind of a visible answer, most of them disappeared, one was cut in the middle.
I took photos to document my work and consequences of it.
Since it was indirect dialogue with random audience I can not be sure what was the true meaning of reactions. I just have hope that at least I made someone think.